CM Team Recruiting

“CM Recruiting Ideas”

Ideas for changing the image of the CM and recruiting to specific areas of the ministry.

“Recruiting Lessons From Cinnabon”

How to apply the wisdom of the Cinnabon company to your recruiting process.

“The Sandwich Principle”

How to use the success of your CM programs as a recruiting tool.

“Things I Can Do”

A simple way to find out what potential ministry connections you have right in your own church.

Building And Organizing The CM Team

“Bubbling Up Leaders”

How to develop (“bubble up”) CM leaders from within your current ministry team.

“Build Your Ministry Team”

Practical ideas for building a CM team that becomes well known for its success, “fruit,” and satisfied team members.

“CM Team Structure Evolution”

Understanding the various stages of a CM team’s growth and how to expand its size.

“Using Coordinators To Monitor The CM Team”

How to develop and use area coordinators to assist in building the CM team.

“Creative Ways To Develop A CM Team”

Fun ideas for developing significant relationships with those on the CM team.

“Developing Ministry Leaders From Within The Team”

Using the principles that Jesus used to inspire and empower leaders from within the existing CM team.

“Expanding The CM Leadership”

How to grow the CM leadership from one person to a staff of full and part-time employees.

“Jesus’ Team Building Style”

How to use the team building style of Jesus to build the CM team.

“CM ‘Special Forces’ Team Rotation Ideas”

How to develop a “Special Forces” of volunteers to direct specific programs without exhausting your core CM team.

“The Importance of The CM Structure”

How to build a warm “nest” for the CM team that honors God and attracts new volunteers.

“The Pathways To A Healthy Ministry Team”

Specific ideas for building a healthy CM team using parallels to hiking.

CM Team Training

“Children Needs By Age Group”

An overview of the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of children by age group.

“CM Greeter Training Overview”

Specific training ideas for those who serve as greeters or “hallway assistants” on the CM team.

“CM Training Toolbox”

A quick overview of the “tools” that can be used for training the CM team members.

“CM Video Training Outline”

Ideas for incorporating video (and online) delivery in the CM training process.

“Creating Lessons That Last A Lifetime”

How to create memorable and interesting lessons for children of all ages

“Develop A Vision For The Classroom”

Understanding the life-changing potential of what happens in a classroom during a church service.

“How To Be Creative”

Ideas for enhancing the CM team’s ability to add creative ideas to the curriculum.

“How To Teach Children Anything, Anywhere”

The basic requirements of an effective lesson for children of any age in any culture.

“CM Introduction and Training Overview”

An overview of what could be done at every opportunity to train the CM team, from orientation to on-going training.

“Policy Summary Sheet”

A simple example of a single-page overview of significant CM policies.

“Practical Ideas For Making Life Changing Connections With Children”

Practical ideas to enhance the curriculum to make it more attractive to children and more effective.

“The CM Training Journey”

An overview of a year-long CM training process.

“72 Minutes That Change The World”

An inspirational look at the potential for the brief time we have with the children during an average church service.

“Classroom Arrangement Ideas”

Ideas to make the room more interesting and conducive to memorable experiences.

“Classroom Management Training Packet”

Basic and specific tools to use in managing a learning environment while also supporting the children.

Inspiring, Encouraging, Supporting The CM Team

“A Part of Something Big”

An inspirational look at who we are as CM team members, and what we are about.

“Being A Child of God”

A challenging look at who we are as “children of God,” and how that applies to our ministry to the children.

“Developing Volunteers”

A simple look at how to support those who serve on the CM team using an analogy to beekeeping.

“Empowering, Supporting, Encouraging, The CM Team”

Practical ways to encourage and support those on the CM team.

“Holding A Great Commission Banquet”

Ideas to create a memorable banquet to thank and appreciate those who serve on the CM team.

“Making A Ministry Team Fun”

Ways to have fun with your CM team.

Recognition And Support of New Team Members”

Practical ideas for supporting new CM team members right after their first time serving.

“Old Saints On The CM Team”

Ways to attract and use older volunteers in the CM.

“Servant Aerobics”

Ways to “exercise” your servant “muscles” to stay “fit” as a servant.

Rotating And Maintaining The CM Team 

“A Spiritual Balanced Meal”

Ways to encourage the CM team to stay “balanced” in their spiritual life.

CM Team Rotation Overview”

A simple overview of how to rotate the CM team, and how this rotation can actually increase the recruitment process.