Welcome to Children’s Ministry Answers!  No matter how long you have served in children’s ministry (CM), or in what capacity you serve, your questions are all ones that have been asked before!  You’ve come to the right place to begin answering those critical questions!


            Since ministry is “living and active” as God’s Word is, your specific ministry setting is also unique in many ways.  Your church, your community, the culture around you, and your church leadership all effect how the Lord uses you in ministry.  The answers to your questions should ultimately come from God and His Word; but others in CM leadership can certainly assist! 


            This website is designed for you to find answers to your CM questions.  We’ve organized this site, and the answers around your questions.  Choose a general category of your question below. This will lead you to documents and connections to answer your question.

Choose The General Category For Your Question

questions about – the Ministry Vision

Knowing what God wants to accomplish through the CM is a powerful foundation for everything you do in the ministry. Click the button below to ask questions about the CM vision.

Clarifying and using the children's ministry vision

The ministry vision drives everything you do in the ministry.

Questions about – team development

The strength and longevity of the CM depends on God’s blessing of your CM team. Click the button below to ask your questions about developing the CM team. 

Developing the children's ministry team.

Caring for the needs, fears and hopes of those on the cm team.

Questions about – Programs

CM programs are simply environments in which the CM team can engage the children. Click the button below to ask your CM program questions.

creating and evaluating balanced, targeted cm programs

Questions about – refreshing the ministry

The CM needs to adjust to the needs of the community without compromising the ministry vision. Click the button below to ask questions about refreshing the children’s ministry. 

Refreshing the children's ministry

evaluating the cm “fruit” is an on-going challenge.

Questions about – The Budget

Your CM budget is your ministry vision expressed in numbers. Click the button below to ask your budget questions.

The children's ministry budget is your vision in numbers

Creating, Evaluating, Increasing Your CM Budget.

Questions about – The curriculum

The “curriculum” is anything you use to teach the lesson.  Click the button below to ask your curriculum questions.

Purchasing, and expanding your CM curriculum.

Questions about – Child Evangelism & Discipleship

The process of leading children to the Lord can be a complex process. Click the button below to ask your evangelism and discipleship questions. 

leading children to jesus and discipling them.

Questions about – policies

Parents demand safety for their children. Protecting children, the CM team, and the church is critical. Click the button below to ask your questions about policies.

Safety and personnel policies protect the ministry and the church.

Questions about – the Facility

Your CM facility can be a challenge. If you are able to refurbish the facility, your options can be even more challenging. Click the button below to ask your facility questions.

Wise use of the current facility & building a new one.

Questions about – the ministry setting

Where the Lord leads you to minister always includes challenges. There is no “perfect” ministry setting!  Click the button below to ask your ministry setting questions. 

understanding the leadership, people and structure.

Questions about – leading the ministry

Leading the CM is complex. It involves politics, planning, protecting and evaluating. Click the button below to ask your questions about leading the children’s ministry. 

Leading the children's ministry

Leading A successful cm while dealing with the challenges.

Questions about – supporting the Parents

God’s plan for raising children in the Lord is through the parents. Supporting parents is a critical part of the CM. Click the button below to ask your parent support questions.

Supporting parents through service.

Supporting  parents through programs & Communication.

Questions about – Partnering with the youth ministry

When the youth and children’s ministries work together great continuity occurs! Click the button below to ask questions about partnering with the youth ministry. 

Partnering with the youth ministry

coordinating and communicating with youth ministry leaders.

Questions about – Ministering in a post-covid environment

The COVID pandemic has affected everything in our world.  Protecting the children and your CM team is more complex than ever before.  Click on the button below to ask questions about ministering in a post-COVID environment.

Ministry in a post-COVID environment

Knowing how to balance between being too cautious or too trusting.

Questions about – working with the senior pastor

The Lord has placed you under the senior pastor. Understanding how he thinks and what motivates him makes it easier to serve him gracefully. Click on the button below to ask questions about serving under the senior pastor.

Working with the senior pastor

being respectful while also being true to your ministry vision.