Ministry In A Post-Covid World

Ministry Is Not The Same

The COVID pandemic has left us with foundational changes that will stay with us for a very long time, possibly forever.


Regardless of your views about the “how” or “why” questions regarding the COVID pandemic, we can all agree that things have changed.  God is sovereign, and He knew this pandemic would happen before we even knew the term “Coronavirus” or “COVID 19.”  The scriptures tell us very clearly that He can stop bad things from happening and that He sometimes permits bad things to happen in our lives and ministry to teach us important lessons.  What has He taught us through this terrible pandemic?  Here are some possibilities:

  • He is our Rock, our Fortress, and our Salvation!  He is our only source of hope and stability.  (Psalm 46).
  • The Church can minister quite effectively through online delivery.  (Although, we in children’s ministry know that children enjoy face-to-face encounters and experiences).
  • The Internet and Social Media platforms are not foundationally “evil,” but can be used to make connections and develop relationships.
  • Maybe “big” programs aren’t as valuable as targeted smaller, “personal” gatherings.
  • Supporting the parents as they minister to their own children is always a powerful use of time and energy.
  • Maybe we don’t need big gatherings that separate children from their parents.
  • The concept of “coming to church” may not be as effective as the Church going to the people in their homes, neighborhoods, etc.
  • The events or programs that we are able to offer need to be safely conducted. Parents are more focused on this safety than ever before.



As a result of the COVID pandemic, the concept of “ministry” has been forced to become a “lean and powerful” effort.  We may not be able to rely on large numbers or large offerings.  We have to be excellent stewards of what we are able to use; much like God challenged Moses when He asked him, “What’s in your hand?” (Ex. 4:2) What we “have in our hand” may be children who physically attend CM programs; it may be periodic, safe events for whole families; it may be online ministry and support to parents and to their children.

As we witness the country shift from the “traditional” ways, and even stop “going to church” altogether, we are encouraged by God to make every effort as effective as possible. In our evaluations of what we’ve done in the past, we must ask the question, “Is this effective today?”  God is challenging us to be creative in reaching children and their parents. It is now, more than ever, a time to “Go” to the children and parents, rather than expect them to “come” to us!

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