Inspiring children to be personally connected to jesus

“Generally, our process for evangelizing and discipling children is…”

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How do we create a consistent plan for leading children to the Lord in our ministry without thwarting the work of the Spirit?


We offer an invitation every week. Is it bad to invite children to accept Jesus at every service or event?

Without Parents

How do we create a process that invites the parents to participate in their child’s decision and discipleship?

lacks follow-up

How can we create a follow-up process for both the children, and their parents?

Without CM Team

How do we let the CM team members play a role in leading children to the Lord, while also protecting the integrity of the process?


How do we deal with children who want to accept Jesus repeatedly?  Is there anything wrong with them inviting Jesus into their lives more than once?


How do we know if a child is ready to accept Jesus?  How can we answer parents’ questions about this as well?


How do I respond to parent requests for me to “counsel” their children about accepting Jesus?

too public

What is the best way to respond to children who want to accept Jesus? Should this be public or private to prevent “peer pressure” to accept Jesus?


The elders at my church want to be involved in leading children to the Lord.  How do I respect that, while also being a significant person in the children’s lives?

separate from ym

How do we create a coordinated plan for evangelizing and discipling children that coordinates with the youth ministry?


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