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We’ve been operating the same programs, schedule, and curriculum for a long time.  They are “safe,” and “comfortable.”  How can we bring new life into our CM programs without disrupting our good foundation?

Not respected

We notice many children in the adult services.  Parents either don’t respect what we offer for their kids, or they don’t know what we do.  How can we improve our reputation or “rating” in the parents’ eyes?


We have many great people serving in the CM programs; but there is no organization, or unity.  Each teacher or leader is teaching their own lesson with their own “curriculum.” How can I unify our efforts during CM programs, so that we are all working together?


We don’t have any restrictions on who can go into the CM area or rooms.  We have never had a problem; but, we don’t want to wait until there is one.  How can we create a safer CM area during programs?

too loose

The children are either dropped off at the CM areas, or they walk there on their own.  When the program is over, they leave to go meet their parents.  How can we “tighten up” the protection of the children before and after the program?


Our children go to age or grade-based areas.  We would like to shift to a large-group format.  How can we make the transition from grade-based programming to a large group format?

large group

We utilize a large group format for our CM programs. We are concerned that the kids are not developing strong relationships with the CM leaders, or with other children. How can we develop strong relationships with the kids in a large group CM program?

not fun

Our kids are safe, and learning much about the Bible; but, they are not having fun.  How can we increase the “fun factor” without sacrificing safety or Bible knowledge?

too crowded

We have too many children for the facility and the number of CM team members.  How can we handle the large number of children with our current facility or CM team?

too small

We don’t have many children.  There are only a few children in each area.  How can we better minister to a small number of children; and what can we do to attract more children?

too many

We offer something almost every day of the week.  How do we reduce the number of CM programs?

not growing

How do we evaluate our CM programs and “refresh” them or “retire” them?

difficult to staff

How do we recruit and staff our midweek CM programs so that our Sunday CM team is not expected to serve during the week?


The curriculum and supplies we need are expensive.  How can we make our CM programs less expensive?


Instead of simply repeating what we do on Sunday morning for our midweek program, how can we make our midweek program more exciting, unusual, and fun for the children?

not safe

Because of the small number of CM team members, how can we ensure the children’s safety, while offering the programs parents expect?


Our CM programs are healthy, happy, and safe. Rather than just “relaxing”; how can we use this good “season,” and prepare for new challenges or new growth?

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