vision – we don’t use our cm vision

Your Question:

“We have a good vision statement, but it is not being used or applied to the ministry. How can we apply the vision statement to our  whole ministry?”

The Issues:

The challenge is all about keeping the CM functioning.  The highest priority often becomes “getting more people” on the CM team.  Unfortunately, that priority doesn’t attract new volunteers.  To advertise and incorporate the CM vision requires that the current “function” of the CM needs to continue, while changes are being made.

Scripture Foundation:

Without a vision the people perish.”  Proverbs 29:18; “In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your path straight.”  Proverbs 3: 6; “Go into all the world…”  Matthew 28: 19-20

Short Answer:

If you feel like the CM vision is not being incorporated into the whole CM, it is probably because no one has taken the time to specifically ask these important questions: “How is the CM vision reflected in our curriculum?”  “How is the CM vision reflected in our programming?” “How is the CM vision reflected in our CM team (recruiting, training, empowering, etc.)?”  “How is the CM vision reflected in our CM budget?” and “How is our CM vision reflected in our support of the parents?”  As you honestly respond to these questions, you should see things that need to be changed, improved, or ended.  If a program or effort doesn’t specifically further the CM vision, you must ask serious questions about its existence.  The effects of applying the CM vision to the entire CM will take time, patience, and planning.  For more help, click on the links below.

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