Our CM Budget Isn’t Connected to our CM vision 

Your Question:

“We have a budget, but it doesn’t represent our CM vision. How do I connect the CM budget to the CM vision?”

The Issues:

The challenge is that your current CM is “built” on the current CM team.  Even though you may want to give them all some much-needed time off, you can’t do that without severely effecting the “smooth running” of the CM. Remember that you’re serving people, not “machines”!  People have feelings, and need much encouragement and support!

Scripture Foundation:

“Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’”  Isaiah 30:21

Short Answer:

The CM budget should be the CM vision expressed in numbers.  Your CM vision clarifies what the CM’s purpose, and it should also set limits on possible ministry efforts.  Whatever doesn’t fit your CM vision, shouldn’t be pursued.  The expenditures on your CM budget must reflect your CM vision. A person should be able to review your budget and understand your vision.  If you have an existing CM budget, the challenge is to review it in light of the CM vision.  This analysis can go deep into each itemized expenditure.  Ask yourself, “Why are we spending this money?” If you can answer that question in direct reference to the CM vision, that expenditure should remain.  If you cannot justify an expenditure’s advancement of the vision, then that expenditure may be in jeopardy. Once you “filter out” the non-vision expenditures on paper, you will be faced with how to actually carry out your “filtering” of the budget.  You might involve others on your CM team in this process.  Seek wisdom regarding the “ripple effects” of possibly discontinuing any expenditure. You might be able to adjust the expenditure to fit the vision rather than simply discontinuing it. At the end of this process you should be able to justify each penny spent in light of advancing the CM vision. This will also strengthen your future proposals for increases in the budget. For more help, click on the links below.

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