Our midweek CM Programs Are difficult to staff

Your Question:

“How do we recruit and staff our midweek CM programs so that our Sunday CM team is not expected to serve during the week?”

The Issues:

Using the Sunday CM team to staff a midweek program is a very tempting solution to the challenge of staffing a new midweek program; but it is also the quickest way to destroy your team!  The most frequent reason for a CM team member quitting the ministry is exhaustion or “burn-out.”  To protect the “core” team members, you must build the new midweek program’s CM team with new volunteers.

Scripture Foundation:

“Now, therefore, why are you putting God to the test by placing a yoke on the neck of the disciples that neither our fathers nor we have been able to bear?”  Acts 15:10

Short Answer:

Every CM team has a “core” of volunteers who have served for a long time, and who are willing to do more.  This “core” must be protected!  Those team members who are faithful and willing must not be overused.  As a leader or shepherd of the CM team, you must not let that happen! If you have a midweek program that is currently being staffed by team members who also serve during the Sunday programs, you must ask God to bring new CM volunteers to release the “core” team from serving in two programs!  This must be a priority!  If you are contemplating adding a midweek program, stand firm and don’t let the program be launched before you have enough new team volunteers to staff that program.  You may use some of the “core” team members to begin the program, but commit to using them for a very short, defined period of time (1 or 2 months only).  Make sure your senior pastor knows your passion for protecting your CM “core” team members.  You should have an approved, understood policy that states that no team member will ever serve in two programs.  Your “core” team members may be willing to do so, but you should protect them and not permit it apart from a very limited time in establishing a new program.  Recruiting new team members for a new midweek program is easier if you “recruit to the vision.”  Why are you building a new midweek program?  What do you want to accomplish in that new program? What will make that new program different from the Sunday program?  The answers to those questions should be used as you recruit new volunteers.  People will be more excited to join the team if they see and feel the vision! If the Lord doesn’t bring new team members to staff the new program, don’t launch the program!  Wait on the Lord, and don’t put a “yoke” on the necks of your “core” team members that is too much to bear! For more help, click on the links below.

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