our curriculum is not evangelistic

Your Question:

“The lessons in our curriculum don’t challenge the children to accept Jesus. How can we fix that, or should we look for a different curriculum?”

The Issues:

Curriculum publishers are careful not to “offend” churches. Because they want to please as many customers as possible, the curriculum they produce may be theologically “diluted” and “safe for all.”  This often means that clear evangelistic challenges may be absent.

Scripture Foundation:

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5:16

Short Answer:

Adding more focus on specific evangelism to your existing curriculum is not difficult.  It does, though, require that you understand your church’s view on evangelism and the effect of that view on children.  It also requires that you, as a CM team establish some basic guidelines and procedures for a child accepting Jesus.  Get to know your own church’s views on evangelism! Does your church agree that children are capable of accepting the Lord?  Does your church have a specific age limit for “nudging” a child toward Jesus?  Does your church believe that parents are the only ones who should challenge their own children toward the Lord?  Does your church believe that those who wish to accept Jesus must first go through a series of courses?  Does that requirement for courses apply to children? What is your church’s view regarding baptism?  Can children get baptized; if so, how and by whom? Once you understand your church’s views on child evangelism, you can begin to develop your own CM procedures and policies.  Can any CM team member give an “invitation” in class, or does this have to be cleared through you?  What do you believe about the effect of a child’s “understanding” about what a Christian is; and is it possible for very young preschoolers to accept the Lord?  Do you have a child evangelism process that you want to incorporate throughout the CM, regardless of the age or grade of the child? Do you believe that parents should be consulted prior to inviting their child to accept Jesus, or should they simply be informed afterward? There are probably dozens of other probing questions that should be answered by you and your CM leadership regarding increasing the evangelistic influence of your curriculum.  Jesus’ example of evangelism is an excellent one to employ.  He invited people to “follow Him” in a very “organic,” and personal encounter that was always connected to a conversation or experience.  Training your CM team to reflect Jesus’ model is an excellent first step. Remember, the CM team is your “living Bible curriculum”! Encourage them to be “salty,” and full of God’s “light” in the classroom. For more help, click on the links below.

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