Choosing The Curriculum

“Choosing The Right Curriculum”

Using the criteria for a “good” curriculum in your search.

Designing The Curriculum

“Designing Curriculum”

Designing your own curriculum that includes everything that makes lessons life-changing.

Enhancing The Curriculum

“Creative Lesson Enhancers”

Creative ideas to enhance a purchased curriculum.

“Enhancing The CM Curriculum”

Adding some “sauce” to your existing curriculum to make it more interesting and effective.

“Prepare, Serve, Debrief, Cycle”

A unique idea for basing your entire curriculum on service projects.

“Using Food To Enhance The Lesson”

Ideas for using food to make your lessons “memorable and delicious.”

“Designing Board Games”

A simple way to create board games that introduce or apply the lesson concept in a fun way.

Evaluating The Curriculum

“Curriculum Evaluation Form”

A simple form to use in evaluating your current curriculum, and to identify what needs some updating.

Building Relationships With The Children

“The ‘Living Bible Curriculum’”

Training and empowering your CM team members to be the “living Bible curriculum.”