Our CM facility is cluttered

Your Question:

“How can the CM survive, and flourish in a cluttered facility with junk on the counters or in the rooms?”

The Issues:

The possibility of offending people is real as you clean out the clutter.

Scripture Foundation:

“For God is not a God of confusion but of peace. As in all the churches of the saints…”  1 Corinthians 14:33

Short Answer:

Clutter communicates disorganization, a lack of professionalism, and possibly a lack of safety.  Clutter is visually disturbing.  Today’s parents see clutter immediately as they check in their children. 


A cluttered CM probably got that way over many months.  It may have started with just a few things on the tables or countertops, but now it is piles of things.  The best way to clear out clutter is to “Toss, Offer, Store, Donate” (TOSD). 


The first thing to do is to personally go through each CM room and TOSS things that you know don’t need to be kept (old curriculum, broken crayons, take-home papers that weren’t picked up, etc. 


Then, collect the items that could be “lost and found,” and OFFER them for people to claim and pick up on a “Lost and Found” table in the CM hallway during a service. This “lost and found” table should be left up for 2 weeks just to make sure that everyone has seen it. After 2 weeks, DONATE the unclaimed “lost and found” items to a local thrift store or charity.


On the first day of the “TOSD” adventure, notify the CM team that anything left on the countertops or in the room that might be considered “lost and found” will now be STORED in a bin or box in a specific CM room. 


The “TOSD” process needs to be an on-going process in which you, or a CM coordinator go through the CM rooms to TOSS things that don’t need to be kept, and STORE any “lost and found” items. After the “lost and found” bin is full, put a table out in the CM hallway and OFFER the items to parents.  After 2 weeks of offering the “lost and found” items, DONATE the unclaimed items to a local thrift store or charity.


You should be known for cleaning out the clutter in the rooms.  You may encounter people who are bothered by your tossing things, but that will help them learn to keep their CM areas clean and organized.  For more help, click on the “Developing The CM Facility APPENDIX” below.

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