Our CM Facility Is Hard To Find

Your Question:

“How can the CM survive, and flourish when it is hard to find on the church campus?

The Issues:

Making the CM more “visible” is important to new visitors. It is also important to the “image” of the CM to the rest of the church.

Scripture Foundation:

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5: 16

Short Answer:

If the CM is hard to find, you must determine if that represents a lack of vision on the church’s part. Making the CM more visible with signs is one way to fix the “hidden” characteristic of the CM; but, improving the “presence” of the CM among the church functions and leadership is a significantly different challenge.


An excellent way to begin making the CM more visible is to begin in the church parking lot.  Go into the parking lot and imagine you are a first-time visitor. As you face the church facility, think about where a sign, or signs, need to be stationed. The sign can include directions to the worship auditorium, the CM, and the church office.  It can also point to where the restrooms are. This initial sign may not be the only one needed. Continue your visit to the parking lot and walk toward the CM area.  As you walk in the direction of the CM that the first sign gave you, think about where the second sign needs to be placed.  If a second sign is needed, it should be placed at a point where the “trail” to the CM changes direction.  If there is a need for a third sign, decide where that should be placed as well.  A direction sign that points the way to the youth ministry or church office may need to be placed near the entrance to the worship auditorium.  These signs are all very necessary, but having people posted in critical places as greeters and guides is the best way to make the CM, and every other part of the church, more visible.


Regarding increasing the CM’s “presence” in the overall church ministry may take more time and prayer.  Having regular meetings with the senior pastor or asking to be included in the church board meetings are two excellent ways to make the CM more “visible” to the church leadership.  Asking the senior pastor to let the CM have more “presence” in the adult service is also a great quest.  This increased “presence” may be accomplished through short videos that depict the CM vision, on-stage testimonies from CM team members or parents (both “live” or recorded), and regular screens in the announcement slideshow that announce CM events, share CM praise, or announce “openings” to join the CM team.  For more help, click on the “Developing The CM Facility – APPENDIX” link below.

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