Developing The CM Facility – An “Old” Facility

Your Question:

“How can the CM survive, and flourish in an old facility when we don’t have a lot of money?

The Issues:

Today’s society often judges the value of people or things by the way they look.  If the CM facility looks old and unkept, parents may assume that the CM isn’t safe or respectable.

Scripture Foundation:

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”  Matthew 5: 16

Short Answer:

It is true that “God looks at the heart” (1 Samuel 16:7), and that an “old” CM facility that is operated by kind, loving CM team members pleases the Lord deeply.  BUT, today’s local church needs to do all it can to communicate visually and attract visitors to fellowship there. 


The hope to attract people to fellowship at the church shouldn’t be driven by a desire to get their offerings.  That perspective will not be blessed by God!  Our desire to attract parents to entrust us with their children should be driven by our passion for God’s Kingdom, and our desire to inspire more children to follow Jesus intimately.  If a CM facility’s “old” appearance blocks parents from bringing their children to us, that blockage needs to be removed.  If an “old” facility blocks parents from “seeing our good works and glorifying our Father in Heaven,” we must do something about it. 


An “old” facility is usually viewed as “old” due to the condition of the paint, flooring, ceiling, or furniture.  A facility can smell “old.” The restrooms can look “old” because of sinks that are stained, grout that is cracked, countertops that are marred, floor tile that is broken, or toilets that are stained.  Fixing an “old” CM facility can cost a significant amount of money, but there are things that can be done that don’t cost as much as a complete facility “facelift.” Consider two critical qualities of a facility as you think about how to “refresh” your CM facility without spending too much money. The two qualities are: appearance and stewardship


You can improve the appearance of the CM facility by planning an all-church workday to paint, decorate, pull weeds, plant new plants, or clean up clutter in the classrooms. Refreshing the restrooms may be a task that requires paying for professionals to re-tile, replace old sinks, or update the fixtures. Replacing old flooring may also be a job that requires more than good-hearted volunteers on a Saturday.  The workday could be funded by contributions or donations.  Local businesses and church attendees could be invited to donate to the cause.  Families could enjoy working together during that day.  There would be a free lunch for all who work that day, and the other ministries of the church would also be invited to support the CM by working on making the CM facility “new” again. Ask someone to video the people working and show the video during the lunch.  Clips from the video could also be shown during the next church services as a way of letting the entire church know of the value of children. 


Being a good steward of the facility God has given you is also a “doorway” to fixing an “old” facility.  Walk around the CM facility and ask God to help you see rooms that aren’t being used or are not being used efficiently.  Look for clutter, messy storage, or rooms that don’t have a good “flow” between services, etc.  You might suggest making adjustments to the use of the CM facility that would improve its “appeal” without spending any money at all.  Pay close attention to the nursery or toddler rooms.  These two areas can have a significant effect on parents’ views regarding the CM’s value.  Does the furniture or equipment in the nursery need updating?  If so, you could make this another project for which you invite others in the church to direct their donations.  Be specific about the needs and the costs.  Make announcements in the adult service that you need 4 new rockers for the nursery, and they cost $200 each.  Invite people to donate specifically to the purchase of the rockers one week.  Then, on another week, invite people to donate toward the purchase of 5 new cribs for the nursery, and they cost $150 each. 


Letting the entire church support the refurbishing of the CM facility is a very good way of building unity between the church and the CM.  Make sure to share the results of your “refreshing” the CM with the church through short video clips, slideshows, or testimonies during the adult service. For more help, click on the APPENDIX link below.

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