stepping into an existing cm leadership position

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” I have just been hired to direct a CM that had a CM Director before me.”

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what do I do first

Since there was a previous CM director, what do I do first?

Unhappy cm team

The CM team is unhappy – how do I build team spirit?

disorganized cm

The ministry is disorganized – how do I build structure?


The CM lacks vision and purpose – how can I unify our purpose and vision?


How do I establish or improve the CM training?


How do I establish or improve the CM budget?


How can I be a good steward of the CM facility?


How do I evaluate the current CM programs, and focus on “quality” not “quantity”?


How do I establish or evaluate the CM curriculum?


How do I add some fun to the entire ministry?

cm format

How do I evaluate, or organize the children into groups or classes?


How do I “tighten up” the security around the CM?

team screening

How do I establish, or improve the CM team screening process?

senior pastor

How do I foster a stronger relationship between the senior pastor and the CM?

classroom management

How do I establish, or improve, the classroom management process?

a “dream” cm

I inherited a” dream” CM; what should I do to not disrupt it?


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