“Become A More Influential Parent / Grandparent”

Ideas for using the “sensitive times” described in Deuteronomy 6: 4-9 to influence your children.

“CM Parent / Grandparent Support Discussion Prompts”

Descriptions of child situations, that stimulate discussions about how to support parents. 

“Empowering Parents And Grandparents”

Ideas for supporting parents through CM programs, printed materials, or online connections. 

“Parent / Grandparent Pamphlet Ideas”

Ideas for producing and distributing pamphlets that specifically address parent/grandparent needs. 

“Parent / Grandparent Seminar Topics”

Topic ideas for parent/grandparent support seminars.

“Parent / Grandparent Fair Ideas”

Ideas for creating a “Parent/Grandparent Fair” at the church.

“When Parents or Grandparents Ask You To Counsel Their Child”

What to do when parents or grandparents ask you to counsel their child.

“Questions About God and Life”

Some thoughts and suggestions for questions asked by children, parents, or grandparents.

“Raising A Child With A Strong Gender Identity”

A pamphlet that gives parents or grandparents ideas for helping children have a strong gender identity.

“Sun-Up To Sun-Down Family Devotions”

Ideas for an “organic” process of family devotions that apply Deut. 6, and that lasts the whole day.