“Big Ideas For Smaller Children’s Ministries”

Practical ideas for taking advantage of the smaller children’s ministry and finding ways to fund ministry events apart from the budget.

“Designing A Survey”

How to design a survey that will give you valuable information about the people of the church and community. 

“Finding The Right Place To Minister”

Help in understanding your calling and gifts, then finding the “right place” for you to use those gifts and calling.

“Staying or Leaving In Biblical Perspective”

A study in the biblical principles involved in deciding to stay or leave a ministry setting.

“The Challenge of Church Politics”

Help in understanding the “politics” of ministering in a church, and how to use those political challenges to your advantage.

“The First Thing To Do In A New Ministry”

How to follow Nehemiah’s example as you enter into a new ministry setting: to observe, feel, and interview before you act.

“The Importance of CM Structure”

The critical importance of a strong CM structure, and how to build it.

“Things I Can Do”

A powerful and easy way to find out who is in your church or organization, and how they can benefit the CM.