The senior pastor or administrator doesn’t speak about the cm.

Your Question:

“How do I work with a senior pastor or administrator who doesn’t speak about the CM?”

The Issues:

You have been hired to serve under, and support, this senior pastor or administrator. This doesn’t mean that you must agree with everything he stands for, but it does mean that you must be respectful while carefully expressing your own views.

Scripture Foundation:

“Truly, truly, I tell you, we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen…”   John 3:11

Short Answer:

As Jesus said, “…we speak of what we know, and we testify to what we have seen…” If your senior pastor or administrator doesn’t speak about children or the CM, it might be that he/she hasn’t seen enough of what goes on in the CM for it to become part of what he/she talks about. 


Your senior pastor or administrator will speak about what is valuable to him/her or about what he/she has experienced.  Your “job” is to let him/her experience the CM, and then he/she will speak about what he/she experienced!


This is not a “covert” plan, it is human nature!  Here are some ways to get your senior pastor or administrator to “see” what goes on in the CM: 

1) Invite him/her to “tour” the CM during check-in. He/she will probably be available because it is before the service starts. As you tour, point out how the CM team members interact with the parents and the children.

2) Invite him/her to visit a CM pre-service prayer time.

3) Invite him/her to experience a portion of the large-group CM program (if you have one). Let him/her stand in the back of the room during the worship or teaching. Point out things that are happening: children worshipping, children interacting with CM team members, etc.

4) Invite him/her to sit in on a CM leadership meeting to experience the challenges and dreams of the CM.

5) Invite him/her to witness the CM check-out time in the hallway. Let him/her hear the joy and interaction between the parents and the CM team members.  Let him/her see the happy children who have been spiritually influenced by the CM team members.

6) Send him/her regular (weekly) emails with stories about children accepting the Lord, witnessing to others, or parent comments. 


These “touch-points” may influence him/her to speak more about the CM.  If you don’t see any change in his/her conversations about the CM, don’t be discouraged!  You know you are doing the best you can to keep him/her informed.


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