Our CM team is Unscreened

Your Question:

“How do I deal with the fact that some of our CM team, who are already serving, haven’t been screened?”

The Issues:

This is an issue that is filled with “political” challenges; but, the easiest way to “cut through” the personalities and feelings is to focus on “The Golden Question,” which is “What’s best for the children?”  You may have people serving on the CM team who are spouses of pastors or church administrators.  You may also have people who have been serving on the CM team for many, many years.  Both of these two types of unscreened team members are challenging; especially if they refuse to go through the screening process. 

Scripture Foundation:

“Do this to fulfill all righteousness…” (Jesus being baptized) Matthew 3:15

Short Answer:

If you base the standard of “everyone who serves on the CM team must be screened,” on “What’s best for the children?” you’ll be less apt to step into emotional “land mines.”  What’s best for the children is a consistent, protective “shield” of screening all who serve in the CM.  To make exceptions will be a very “slippery slope” that will undermine the strength of the security system, and cause you much stress!  If there are current team members who refuse to submit to the screening process, gracefully thank them for their service, and bless them as they leave the CM.  For more help, click on the links below.

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