Our CM team is too small

Your Question:

“How can I can I improve our team that is too small?  We need to recruit more volunteers.”

The Issues:

The challenge of a CM team that is too small has many “root” causes. The biblical principle of God blessing a work or ministry that honors Him is the foundational truth upon which all recruitment rests.  If God isn’t blessing the CM team, you may need to seek Him to show you why.  You may find policies, procedures, programs or people who are not pleasing God, or who are driving people away.  “Cleaning” or “pruning” may be required.  It isn’t pleasant; but, it may be necessary!

Scripture Foundation:

“Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much…” Luke 16:10

Short Answer:

The size of the CM team usually reflects the “health” or vision of the overall church.  If the church “culture” isn’t one that encourages service and sacrifice, the “fruit” of that “culture” is usually a small CM team that consists of a few faithful, tired adults who have served on the team for many years. In a church whose vision, and regular preaching encourages or expects service, the CM team tends to reflect that.  Ask God to give you insights about the overall church “health.”  Today’s adults are busy; but, there are still many adults who are willing to serve.  If your CM team is too small, you may have to do a better job at “selling” the positive results of serving on the CM team. Your senior pastor is a critical part of this process. If he can increase his verbal support of the CM on a regular basis, that helps tremendously!  If the only time the adults in your congregation hear about the CM is when they hear that the CM “really needs help,” then the “image” that you are giving them is that the CM is basically a challenging place to serve, and the “ship is sinking”!  Change your recruitment process to include regular “displays” of the positive aspects of the CM, and let the congregation know that you have some “openings” to “join the team”!  Use live or recorded testimonies from positive, happy CM team members to highlight the wonderful blessings of serving on the CM team.  Share regular stories from parents or kids in the CM about how the Lord is leading their children closer to Himself!  Highlight the positives in everything you do!  Share the amazing stories of what God did during a camp or summer program, and invite the adults to join the team right away!  Developing the CM team is a deeply spiritual effort! For more help, click on the links below.

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