Our CM team is unappreciated

Your Question:

“How can I improve the church’s appreciation of our CM, and those who serve on the CM team?  There are times when the CM team feels ‘used’ by the church.”

The Issues:

The local church is a corporation; but, it shouldn’t treat those who serve in it as “employees.”  Unfortunately, there are politics within every church.  Too often, the ministry that is most connected to the senior pastor gets the most attention.  The ministry that is “marketed” the most within the church also gains more attention or appreciation. The children’s ministry is usually valued similarly to the value of a kitchen appliance.  When the appliance is needed, it carries the most value.  Highlighting the importance or value of the children’s ministry (CM) on a regular basis, and sharing the spiritual “fruit” that is produced within the ministry, increases its value. 

Scripture Foundation:

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done. Sing to him, sing praise to him; tell of all his wonderful acts.”  1 Chronicles 16: 8, 9

Short Answer:

As a CM leader, it is wise for you to “step away” from your ministry responsibilities periodically just long enough to “see” the CM as others see it.  During a Sunday morning, ask God to help you imagine that you don’t know anything about the CM, and see what your first impressions are as you walk around the church campus or sit in the worship service.  What do you see, hear, or read about the CM?  This “first-time visit” experience might help you understand the perceptions that others have about the CM.  In addition to this, consider what the nationally-famous cinnamon roll company “Cinnabon” does as a marketing tool.  In their shopping mall locations, they have large fans that blow the aroma of cinnamon rolls baking out into the mall.  The aroma of warm, delicious cinnamon rolls draws customers who suddenly find themselves wanting a cinnamon roll.  The question for us in CM is, “What ‘aroma’ is the church smelling?” Does the “smell” of the CM reflect success, fun, fruitfulness, unity, and kingdom power?  Are you, as a leader, “displaying” that delicious fruit of the CM at church staff meetings, or in conversations you have with church leaders?  Are you too humble to celebrate what God is doing within and through the CM?  Could you begin to draw the senior pastor into the “Cinnabon Shop” of the CM by sending him weekly emails about what God is doing in the CM?  God is at work, but He uses us to celebrate His work! For more help, click on the links below.

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