Sample Child Min Policy Manual

A sample of a children’s ministry policy manual that you can personalize for your church.

Sample Children’s Ministry Forms

A set of customizable children’s ministry forms that are referred to in the sample children’s ministry policy manual.

CM Check In System Options

An overview of the possibilities for a centralized children’s ministry check-in system

How To Write Policies

An easy process to use in writing effective children’s ministry safety policies.

Mini Policy Manual

A customizable sample “mini policy manual” that includes short summaries of policies for use during CM training sessions.

Ministry Umbrellas

How to protect yourself and the ministry by remaining “under” the protective “umbrellas” of your supervising pastor, your calling, and your CM vision.

Nine-Layer Wall of Safety

How to protect the ministry, the CM team, the children, the church, and yourself by creating a nine-layer wall of safety policies.

Putting Up Fences

An overview of the purpose and function of CM safety policies using a comparison to fencing a garden.

Building The Trellis

How to specifically protect the CM programs through policies and procedures.