“A FRESH Approach To Children’s Ministry”

How to keep a children’s ministry “FRESH” by making sure it is Family-focused, Relationship-driven, Experience-rich, Spiritually-based, and Help-oriented.

“Balanced Program Evaluation”

A tool to use in evaluating the CM programs.

“Balancing ‘Slime’ and The Gospel”

How to keep the CM programs captivating for children, and yet spiritually deep.

“Children’s Ministry Research Sites”

A list of online sites that may assist you in making your CM programs more connected to today’s kids.

“Children’s Ministry Revitalization Plan”

A simple approach, based on furniture refinishing, to use in refreshing existing CM programs.

“Taking Your Children’s Ministry To The Spa”

An enjoyable process to refresh your CM that is set in a spa setting.


“Evaluating Programs Before And After “

Comparing the conditions before you launched a CM program with the results of a CM program will help you continually improve the ministry.

“Exciting Guests And Experiences”

A chart of guest or experience ideas with connections to possible lessons and scriptures related to them.

“Prepare / Serve / Debrief Cycle”

A unique plan to incorporate a cycle of experiences to let the children experience serving others.

“Things I Can Do”

A powerful, simple tool to make connections with interesting people in the church, and to build the CM team.